Thermoelectric Generator

The aim of the project was the development and opitmization of standardised thermoelectric generators which are especially fitted for the operation in biomass plants. Furthermore, the electrical efficiency of the thermoelectric should be increased by the usage of new mating material (currently under development) and higher temperatures.
Exactly determining the efficiency, proving the suitability for daily use and evaluation of different variations of process systems were important milestones. Therefore, a pilot plant  was installed and operated at the biomass power plant in Güssing.

Future developments could make sure that thermoelectric generators could be applied in areas of higher temperatures. Especially for TEG´s which are directly coupled into hot gas streams high theoretical efficiencies are existing. There has to be mentioned that in areas of high temperatures a lot of establishing technologies are existing like steam turbine and ORC.

Beginning 2004
End 2007
Project coordinator Repotec

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