Focus on cost-effectiveness

When investing in innovative technologies such as biomass gasification, it is important not to lose sight of the cost-effectiveness.

The control of all relevant technologies and comprehensive experience enables us to select an economical solution for each individual application (e.g., additional electricity generation by a steam cycle or ORC module).

Thus we enable successfully operating medium-sized power plants and hereby countless towns and municipalities in Europe towards energy independence.

Biomass Steam Gasification

Biomass gasification using the steam-blown fluidized-bed gasifier creates a nitrogen-free and low-tar producer gas with high calorific value which is eminently suited for power and heat generation as well as synthetic products (Fischer-Tropsch-Diesel, synthetic natural gas, etc.).

This process, which had been jointly developed with the Technical University of Vienna, has proven its feasibility successfully with the long-standing operated CHP-plant Güssing and managed the technicians of Repotec's 2001 breakthrough in the application of gasification technology.



Biomass Combustion

Circulating fluidized bed systems: in larger power plants, there is no way fluidised bed combustion can be outperformed in terms of cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Grate systems: in smaller plants, grate systems represent sophisticated state-of-the-art technology for biomass combustion which is used in numerous wood chip heating stations.