Synthetic Fuels from Biomass

EU-Research-Project: RENEW

In the European Commission’s 6th framework programme, the RENEW research project ran under the auspices of Volkswagen AG and involved more than 30 international partners with the aim to prove different concepts of vehicle fuel production from biomass. In 2004, a pilot plant using the Fischer-Tropsch process was installed and connected to the producer gas line of the power plant Güssing. In summer 2005, the first litres of biofuels were synthesized. The initially used iron-catalysator was first replaced by a cobalt-catalysator and, finally, in 2007, by a commercial Fischer-Tropsch-catalysator.


End 2007
Project coordinator VW AG

In 2010, research results have been successfully implemented in establishing a demonstration plant with a production capacity of more than 100 litres per day.