SOFC-Fuel cell running producer gas

The application of fuel cells for the generation of electricity of the producer gas of the steam fluidised bed gasification arouses special interest because of their high efficiency potential. Especially ceramic oxide cells (SOFC) show advantageous preconditions for their operation with the producer gas. Within the project, which was accomplished by the centre of expertise in Graz, the development for the necessary gas cleaning process and cell stacks has already started. In April 2005, a first test operation with single cells in Güssing took place. In autumn 2008, a complete cell stack was coupled directly with the power plant in Güssing for the first time and operated with the producer gas of the steam gasification successfully.

Project coordinator Austrian Bioenergy Center Graz [ABC]
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  design SOFC-test bench
stack installation - midyear 2008    Installation - Güssing