November 2011 / Frankfurter Allgemeine

Ulm relies on efficient use of biomass

By searching for climate-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels, wood plays an important role. Because unlike as wind and solar power, biomass is storable and thus build a reliable energy supply.
August 2011 / Augsburger Allgemeine 
Obviously not barking up the wrong tree
The very first wood delivery arrived yesterday in the new biomass combined heat and power station of the public utilities Ulm/Neu-Ulm (SWU) in Senden: A 37-ton truck passes the scale at the entrance of the premises to unload wood chips with which the operation should be tested for the first time.

July 2011 / Schweighofer Prize

Success story from wood - gas made of biomass

"Based on the demonstration plant in Güssing planned by us we are realizing a 20 times bigger plant in Gothenburg".

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May 2011 / Augsburger Allgemeine

Wood as a fuel provides electricity and heat.

SWU's state of the art biomass power station in Senden will be connected to the grid in 2012. Construction costs are EUR 33 millions. Heating will be done by using wood gas.

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January 2011 / get - green energy technology
Wood-gas power station achives high efficiency
By burning wood to serve a steam turbine, than only 45 percent of the output energy are used as heat and 17 percent are used as electric power, while the rest is gone. Adopting the gasification doubles the electric power output by achiving the same amount of heat.

2010 / Neu-Ulmer Zeitung
„The heart of the powerplant beats with 30 tonns of steal“
Senden - The unveil of a foundation stone table yesterday in Senden was designated as „A milestone“ by Jürgen Schäffner, technical managing director of the Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm (SWU). A pilot project of local energy generation arises. Start-up will be still 2011...
January 2009 / Der Standard „The worst nightmare of Gasprom“

The European Centre for Renewable Energy, situated in Güssing, Austria, recently enabled a Europe-wide high-profile break through. Syngas that clean to substitute natural gas was produced of wood.
January 2009 / Umwelt Journal „Wood as the new natural gas source - researcher succeeded in production of methan made of biomass“

Researcher from Switzerland and Austria succeeded for the first time in the extraction of natural gas made of wood in a research program. Scientists of the Paul Scherrer Institute in cooperation with the TU Vienna an another two industrial partners produced methan from gasmixtures made of wood by a catalytic process. The quality of the final product allows a trouble-free feeding into public gas grids.

November 2008 / Renewable energy magazine „high efficiency at biomass gasification“

A report of the wood gasification plant Senden - ‚the first commercial plant using that new technology in Germany‘.

September 2008 / Die Zeit „Does a power plant of the future looks like that?“

Petrol is expensive and scarce. You do without it in the southern Burgenland. A trip to the autonomous energy oasis of Güssing.
May 2008 / EEEGuessing „Güssing as a Model for regional Economic Improvement“ 

The so-called „Güssing Model” is the strategy of de-centralised, local energy production with all available renewable resources in a region. This model came into being so to speak out of necessity and is the quintessence of what has been happening in Güssing since the early 1990s with decisive involvement of EEE. Since every region has certain resources in different measures, the model can serve as an example for many communities. The film highlights the successful renewable energy project in Güssing (Austria). It's a promotional film released by the EU Committee of the Regions and European Commission's Directorate General for Regional Policy.
August 2007 / New York Times “'Dead-end' Austrian town blossoms with green energy”
For decades, the Austrian town of Güssing was a forgotten outpost not far from the rusting barbed-wire border of the Iron Curtain. Now it's at the edge of a greener frontier: alternative energy..