Study for the world’s largest biomass-gasification plant (160 MW) in Gothenburg. Erection of a biomass-gasification plant with SNG-Production (20 MW).

The GoBiGas project is based on the production of bio-methane (Bio-SNG) made of wood. In 2007, detailed studies showed the feasibility for the realisation of a thermochemical plant with 100 MW gas power consisting of three units (2 x 40 MW and 1 x 20 MW).

The essential process steps are:

  • biomass gasification
  • gas conditioning and cleaning
  • methanation, in order to feed the synthetic gas into the local gas distribution system.

The customer is committed in relation to environmentally friendly power generation for many years to come. In the course of this efforts the 'Green Gas' concept was developed, whereby the use of natural gas should be gradually reduced and instead the increasingly feeding of bio-syngas should be pushed.

For this reason it was decided to realize a 20 MW gasification unit connected with SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas – see Methan aus Holz) as step one. The gas produced by the plant meets the quality requirements of the local gas distribution system.

Customer Göteborg Energie
Study 100 MW plant 2006 - 2007
Erection 20 MW plant 2010 - 2012

Thermal fuel power - biomass 32 MWth
Producer gas of gasification 24,5 MWth
Thermal power gasification (district heating) 2,5 MWth
Thermal fuel power - SNG 20 MW
Thermal power methanation (district heating)
1,3 MWth
District heating temperature 130°C / 75°C

For further information please visit the Göteborg Energi’s project website.

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  20MW architecture study
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  20MW gasifier
July 2012
20MW webcam at site
October 2012