Biomass CHP Plant Güssing

In 2001, Repotec made a breakthrough in biomass gasification with the CHP plant Güssing. The plant, based on a steam fluidized-bed gasification (prototype plant of the FICFB-process), reliably delivered electricity and heat for the municipality of Güssing for more than 100.000 operating hours.
Furthermore, the system provided a platform for numerous research projects.


Biomassekraftwerk Güssing GmbH  
Construction 2001
Commissioning 2002
Commercial operations 2003

Thermal fuel power 8,0 MWth
Electr. power 2,0 MWel
Thermal power (district heating) 4,5 MWth
Electr. efficiency  25 %
Overall efficiency (power and heat)  80%
District heating temperature 120°C / 70°C

Gas engine turbo-charged, V 20 - cylinder Otto-engine from GE-Jenbacher AG (J620)
Operating hours gas engine and gasification >100.000

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