Biomass Boiler Plant Fundermax

Delivery of a concept for a customized biomass-boiler of higher performance. A new turbine is fed with steam from the biomass boiler and generates about 10MWel of green electricity.

Scope of order:

  • Supervision and approval of design
  • Supervision of construction and assembly
  • Commissioning and service trials

Customer Fundermax GmbH
Placing of order 2005
Commissioning 2008
Power output generator 10,0 MWel

tl_files/REPOTEC/referenzen/fundermax1.jpg tl_files/REPOTEC/referenzen/fundermax2.jpg tl_files/REPOTEC/referenzen/fundermax3.jpg tl_files/REPOTEC/referenzen/fundermax4.jpg